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When it comes to fashion and styling, everything is possible. From rugged denims to crisp white shirts, all fineries own a specific bewitching charm. Perhaps, this is why we people love shopping them so much.

Talking about the style-crazy half population of earth i.e. women, they can never get enough of apparels and accessories. No matter their closet is crammed with all big brands and must-haves, they can always make room for more, much magically.

Now we know for a fact that on each of your shopping spree, you buy a scarf. Being highly versatile and extremely elegant accessory, women love to own them in truckloads. A simple scarf refreshes the look of the attire- if you wish to look sassy, you can team it up with a halter top. Alternatively, if you want to create a sophisticated image, you can drape a silk scarf carefully on your dress and create a stunning impression. Point being, scarves are fail-proof and thus having their great selection in the closet is a perfect idea.

But hey, wait!

Owning this trendsetting accessory in bulk isn’t enough. You need to know some good ways to tie them, only then it will bring sense to your appearance. Today, the editorial team of Sincera has decided to give you three easy ways to drape a scarf and look effortlessly stylish.


The basic loop is a no-brainer, but the most amazing and timeless way to sport a scarf. Simply drape your charming scarf around your neck and leave both ends resting in the front. Preferably, choose one end to hit the chest area and hang the next till your waistline. This creates the perfect stunner look that you would love to rock on any gathering or meeting. The above scarf from Sincera makes a great option for a basic loop. You can shop this here!



If you want to look simple yet stylish, you can never go wrong with the leisure knot style. To carry this smart style, you need a bright-coloured printed polyester scarf. Wrap it loosely around your neck, leaving one end flowing below your waist. Now make a roomy knot in a way that the small end rests on your chest region. This style scores well each time you wear a solid colored tee and want to look free-spirited. To replicate the look we have featured here, shop this gorgeous 100% polyester scarf here.



Yet another super-impressive style to tie a scarf is the infinity Knot. This style looks as classy as it can get, and comes up with the additional perk of covering the body providing warmth and comfort. If you wish to tie a scarf in infinity style, you need to first tie the ends of the scarf together, creating a big loop. Next, hang the loop over your neck- make sure that the knot rests back. Once done right, it will look somewhat like the above image. To buy this beautiful scarf and look perfect, shop here.

Hope these scarf-styling ideas will help you come across more attractive wherever you go. Moreover, if you wish to buy some new scarves to perk up your closet, discover a tempting range of Sincera scarves and shawls here.


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