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The more the merrier!

Nope- we aren’t discussing a get-together and the guest count here.

As a matter of fact, we are talking about much-loved, zero-cool accessory handbags. The more we have them, the better they make us feel. These essential and highly functional wardrobe stuffs come in many sizes and styles. Starting from mini bags and ending with large-sized ones, the selection of these fashion accessories is startling to the core.

Though, each type of handbag is unique and has the remarkable ability to amp up your look on different occasions. But a couple of days back, Team Sincera surveyed 100 women from all walks of life- we were trying to figure out the basic handbag preference ladies have. We made them list 5 types of handbags they own or would love to buy. All responses were honestly curated, and finally we are able to put top 5 styles that ideally complete your handbag closet. Here are timeless handbags types, have a read-

  • A Dainty Crossbody Bag

If you are a carefree teen or a university student, crossbody bags are a perfect pick for you. Often found in medium size, these utilitarian handbags make you look laid-back, at ease ensuring your fashion game is on point. They can be worn casually, up to the ribcage hugging length. Alternatively, their straps can be adjusted to do some styling tricks. If you decide to buy women handbags online, you can stumble upon an interesting variety of crossbody bags at Sincera.

  • A Spacious Tote Bag

Tote bags are hugely popular- don’t know from when! Already a priced possession of zillions of ladies, these handbags are well-liked for being roomy and classy. Be it your makeup stash, a favorite book, a floral scarf, hair brush, chocolates, and similar whatnots, everything can fit in a tote without a struggle. These minimalistic handbags make a lot of sense for a day time meet up or as an everyday office pick. You can check a scintillating tote from Sincera here.

  • A Glitzy Clutch

Attending a full of glamour corporate party? Going on a much-awaited dinner date? Is a brunch aligned in the coming week? If you have a chic clutch in your closet, you are all set to look fashionable. Available in umpteen styles and colours, clutches fit every budget. When you buy women handbags, never, we repeat never miss out on a cute clutch.

  • A Cool Duffle Bag

When you hit a gym or plan to spend a day doing nothing except beaching, a duffle bag is what you’ll need. These no-nonsense, practical bags are go-to to take care of a day trips or a last-minute getaway. You can carry a couple of your street clothes, important stuff like shoes, shampoos etc. in this handy piece of baggage and take the role of a traveler in no time!

  • A Crazy Statement Bag

Let your macro personality and daring persona echo without saying a word! An eccentric statement bag is a perfect choice to stick out a mile and look bold. Available in vibrant colours, prints, and several fun shapes, they can transform an outfit making you look more confident and indomitable. Rock a stunning statement bag from Sincera and be a sure head-turner!

So now you know what are your must-have handbags! If you wish to buy women handbags tailored by keeping the notion of simplicity and perfection in mind, explore Sincera’s handbag collection here. Also, let us know how you find this story!


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