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Jewelry and accessories are women’s soft spot. And it’s not always about diamonds or gold. Sometimes, all you need to transform your look is a pair of earrings made of beautiful alloy, or a delicate piece of bracelet complementing your attire.

Jewelry for girls gains greater popularity every season. The manufacturers pay great attention to details, trying to keep track of fashion trends and create sets by means of which you can easily change your solemn or casual style, add elegance whether to evening gown or formal.


It can be quite difficult to choose jewelry that would be appropriate for a particular occasion. Not clearly stated and talked about, but there are a few selection criteria – these are both the beauty of accessory and its cost conformity with fashion trends. The purchase of jewelry is often accompanied by a question - "What is fashionable this season?"

2018 season trend is elegant jewelry for women, presented by luxurious options with the inclusion of shining details as well as neat laconic products. These are an integral part of the everyday business style and getting much appreciation lately.  


Modern fashion jewelry today - multi-layered, dimensional, with asymmetric geometric shapes, often complemented with additional rhinestones. They are distinguished by the presence of pearls, large elements.

Traditional earrings and rings in recent years have been diversified with brooches and elegant necklaces. You can either choose completed jewelry set or pick elements from different sets that are easily compatible and share the same style.

The elegant collection of Sincera jewelry can completely transform your appearance by adding some extravagance to it. The Italian manufacturer is a one stop online fashion jewelry Canada destination and offers a great variety of products to fulfill all your fashion needs. Even if you don’t wear jewelry every day, or just you aren’t a jewelry person, buying a pair of those little things for special occasions will be always appropriate.

Also, don’t forget about “personal approach”– do not follow the crowd and buy jewelry item which they say are ‘trending’. Be yourself, feel comfortable and be unique.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe.


The main task of jewelry is to emphasize the individuality of its owner and to become an integral whole with other details - hair, make-up, style of behavior, character traits, clothing- in other words, complete your own unique outfit. The variety of Sincera jewelry will allow choosing an ideal variant for every lady.

Neck Jewelry

A thin chain or a massive necklace? The elegant chokers are still trendy. Not less popular trend – refined chains with pendants that are not very massive. However, if you are planning to wear massive necklaces, the recommendation is to restrain yourself from wearing any other items.

Chain tangling decorated with sparkling gemstones, rhinestones, bright elements of contrasting shades – are no less relevant this season. Such necklaces will become an indispensable part of the evening image, they will beautifully decorate youropen evening gown, attracting attention to a thin female neck, focusing accent on clavicle and décolleté. It is a great way to divert the views of others from little imperfections.

Sincera stores offer massive elegant accessories in geometrical style (another hot trend of 2018)  that can totally transform your look.

Beads, Pendants

Pearls are trendy again! It’s time to take your grandma’s beads out of the jewelry box and give them new life. Or, you just buy something new.

The color scheme of such jewelry is quite wide, the manufacturers do not  adhere to a certain shade.

Pendants remain trendy as well. But today they are not miniature figures, such kind was trendy a few years ago, now they are refined ornaments in the form of asymmetrical figures, multilayered “bobs” framed in a metal of massive stones.


Hand Jewelry- Bracelets

Large bracelets that were trendy in autumn 2017, covering the wrist are still trendy in 2018 - massive “knights” style metal products, sophisticated options from several stripes, thin tangled chains. When choosing such accessories the main rule is the presence of shining elements or unusual shapes drawing everyone’s attention. You can find exclusive bracelets and other fashion jewelry in Canada online at Sincera.

For fans of more modest solutions, fashion designers offer products made from thin strips of leather. But this concise material by no means exclude the possible presence of stones and shiny details on the bracelet.

Hand Jewelry- Rings

More, bigger, brighter! The Italian brand Sincera offers to decorate your fingers with massive jewelry with stones and rhinestones this season. Multi-layered rings, combining several different models of rings at a time are in trend.

Open models of this fashion jewelry are at the peak of popularity. There’s also a place for immortal pearls.

Earrings- The More, The Better

Long earrings that can go down to your shoulders is jewelry not for shy women, but for those  who want to stand out of the crowd. Significance and massiveness are in vogue today. Sparklers, the glitter of metal, the combination of incongruous – the more, the better! Trust us, earrings with Italian design won’t leave you unnoticed!

Accessories- Nice Little Things

Nowadays, The traditional jewelry set of earrings, ring and necklace can be complemented by exquisite brooches, hairpins, clipsetc. Sincera products carry the singularity and sincerity, emphasizing the personal touch and beauty.It's all about diverse collections that are perfect for every outfit where you can express your personality and feelings, create a gentle and romantic image. Refined and massive, made from the finest metal filaments or large shining harnesses – Italian jewelry would be perfect to wear both at the party or social events.

Accessories for women will be a great addition to the mono-colored look. A perfect decision will be to use jewelry for mixing restrained tones and create an accent on a certain zone.

Fashionseason 2018 is about freedom of choice, bold decisions, brightness and originality. Be trendy, enjoy your style and Sincera will provide you with finest fashion accessories. Explore the selection and find the most exquisite fashion jewelry in Canada online now.


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