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Call it fashion jewelry or costume jewelry, we ladies have got our own share of semi-precious treasure which we hold close to our hearts. We love them so much- after all, they make us look plain awesome without making us splurge as if there is no tomorrow.

Made up of less expensive stones and materials like brass, bronze, and copper, these are the perfect pick to look ravishing every day. However, as we wear them quite often, their shine subdues. Not that they lose their appeal, but they do not glitter like the first time you bought them.

If you have got some pretty pieces of costume jewelry that do not look bright enough for your taste, why not clean them? Though you may feel a bit hesitated that cleaning might damage them, but trust us, the subsequent proven tips will do your jewelry no harm rather make them look like new! Have a read and know the costume jewelry cleaning secrets-

  • Never place your fashion jewelry in water. It may cause them rust or change the colour.
  • Jewelry enamel should be cleaned using a soft cloth dipped in vinegar. Avoid contact of cloth with metal; this can ruin its look which you won’t want.
  • To wipe rhinestones and make them glisten, use Windex. Again, make sure not to contact Windex with metals as it may deteriorate the finish.
  • Clean crystal rhinestones using toothpaste- this works wonders to brighten them. DO NOT use gel toothpastes.
  • To clean your fashion jewelry metal, always use a dry cloth. This way you can wipe off dirt and smudge easily. And oh, a toothbrush with soft-bristles or a Q-Tip can do the same job too.

Once you have cleaned your beautiful jewelry, let it dry thoroughly and keep them in protective covers and cases. Follow the same custom each time you buy new fashion jewelry online or offline to preserve their aesthetic value.

Hope these tips will help you revive your collection of costume jewelry. When done right, they will look as new as you have purchased them the other day.

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