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Wanna perk up your face?

Oh no- we aren’t talking about smothering your face with that makeup stuff. In fact, we believe all you ladies are already gorgeous, and when styled right, you can look stunning as a diva. The thing to discuss here is how to select the right kind of earrings that can define the look you want to flaunt. To wear earrings in style, it is a big-time need to consider the shape of your face. The following tips will help you compliment your innate beauty by selecting the right pair of earrings.

To start off, determining the natural shape of your face is must. Go before a mirror, tie your hair back in a ponytail and trace the outline of your face using a lip-colour or soap.

  • If Your Face Is Oval

If the length of your face equals 1 1/2 times the width of your face, and you see that your forehead is not too wide and cheekbones are prominent, you’ve got an oval face.

While picking up earrings, you can never go wrong with plain studs, teardrops and triangular studs. People with oval-shaped face can do a bit of the experiment with danglers, terracotta earrings and more too- your face shape will let you pull off them all well.

  • If Your Face is Heart

Did you trace a face with forehead wider than the cheeks, which narrows towards the chin? If yes, you are a heart-shaped face chic.

To buy earrings online Canada, make sure you pick pieces that draw attention towards the lower part of your face. Every earring that has a delicate, soft curve complements the heart-shape face well. Chandeliers and tear-drops make the ideal pick.


  • If Your Face is Round

If you have rounder, fuller cheeks forming a circular form, you have a round face.

In case of a round face, earrings can be of much help to create illusion of slimmer and elongated face. You shall cherry-pick dangle earrings that ideally help in defining your features sharply. Also, say no to hoops, button studs, and large circular earrings, they will highlight the roundness of face further.

  • If Your Face is Diamond

If your cheekbones are prominent enough that they make your forehead and chin look narrower, yours is a diamond-shaped face.

You need to go with earrings than can emphasize your precious look. To create a flattering appearance with earrings, buy earrings online Canada that have more width than length. Chandeliers or tear-drop are expected to work well.


  • If Your Face is Square

If there isn’t much difference in the width of the forehead, cheeks and jaw line, your face shape is a square.

To pull off a diva look, you must cherry-pick earrings that are medium to long in length. You can also wear earrings with rounded edges, as they aid in softening the natural angles of your face. DO NOT wear studs- they will make your face look even squarer.

  • If Your Face is Rectangle

What defines a rectangle face is its length and narrower width of forehead and cheeks.

If you have a rectangle face, you can experiment with lots of volume to look ever-charming. Right from studs to clustered earrings, short dangles, and hoops, you can wear anything to make your face look fuller and adorable.

So now you know what to see while you buy earrings online Canada. Check Sincera’s New SS18 collection and shop for earrings that suit your face shape ideally.


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