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Happiness is wearing hoop earrings!

Sorry peeps if my statement sounds pretty much exaggerated to you, but I am a bit biased towards hoop earrings- have always been. To me, they seem to exude an undying appeal. They are my go-to to ace effortless styling game and come across more confident.

You know, each time I plan to buy earrings online Canada, I end up ordering 4-5 hoops (minimum) and going all gaga once I receive the order. I’ve finally known my soul, it just can’t ever get enough of hoops, and I am very much okay with that!

Now honestly, my fascination for hoop earrings has made it a cakewalk for me to stylize it right as per the outfit and occasion. By the time I’ve mastered the art of accessorizing with hoops, and so I’ve decided to share a bit of my style knowledge with those who also find hoops interesting. Have a read and know how you should wear hoops like a boss-

  • To Pull Off a Hipster Look

Wanna look a cool hipster? Oversized hoops, red lipstick and a classy dress will do the trick! This look will divert all the attention towards you and give you a little bold and dramatic appearance, perfect for a casual outing or a group reunion affair. Also, don’t forget to make a crazy hairdo and you are sure gonna rock!

  • For a Boho Look, Pick Sleek and Big Hoops

If you are interested in carrying a carefree bohemian look, you ought to choose sharp and big hoops. Accessorize your gypsy-kinda outfit with big hoops, a scarf and a head wrap to look chic and daring. This nomad fashion statement of yours will make you get noticed, all for good!

  • Tiny Hoops Are for a Cute Everyday Look

Every day is a good day to team up hoops with your attire! You can grab a pair of tiny hoops to wear recurrently and look timeless. Smaller hoops never go out of style, and they perfectly harmonize with different kinds of dresses and tops. So never say never to small-dainty hoops!

  • Hoops with Geometrical Patters are Oh-so-interesting!

When you wanna stick out a mile without doing much, a pair of trendy geometrical shaped earrings is what you shall seek. Just make sure that you make a bet with medium sized geometrical hoops, as they convey the neat look more prominently than the oversized ones.

  • Stone-studded Hoops Are Apt to Reflect Elegance

When heading to a party, somebody’s anniversary or to a wedding ceremony, you can ooze elegance with hoops that are crafted with Swarovski crystals. These designer pieces are ideal to make you look a decent fashionista who knows all about accessorizing right.

Hope these secret tips of mine will make it easier for you to select right hoops and create a look that makes a difference. I often buy earrings online Canada from Sincera and choose their hoop earrings to look ever-stylish. Their selection of other types of earrings and jewelry is also phenomenal. If you wanna check, visit here.


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