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Look cool, be comfortable- this should be your mantra while you dress up. Unless it is an eve of high magnitude, something like the memorable day of your wedding or a glitzy corporate party, there is rarely a need to doll up. However, don’t relate our words and go oversimple. You can come across fantastic while carrying a laid-back look too. In fact, by accessorizing right, you can transform your boring outfits into some of the brightest picks! Just learn how to complement your classic (read basic) outfits with fashion jewelry & accessories, and girl, we bet you are gonna rock!

Today we are giving you some tips & takeaways to stylize your simple look without overdoing it. Have a read and write us back in the comment section to know more.

Make Sure Not to Wear More than One Statement Piece

You may dream to look like a contemporary queen via exploiting the tantalizing charm of statement pieces, but trust us that with these attention-grabbing stuff, less is more. Keep it simple and try not to wear more than one oversized piece at a time. Also, DO NOT wear statement bracelets and statement rings together.

Choose the Right Footwear

Good shoes take you good places- no kidding! They say you will be noticed (or in certain cases, judged) instantly by the way you keep your teeth, nails, and shoes. Make sure to discover and stock your wardrobe with right kind of shoes. Always reserve space for pumps, flat sandals, boots, cools sneakers and classic heels, and pair them right with your outfit to look effortless, chic, and oh-so-hot!

Infusing Ethnic Touch Can Be a Rocking Idea

No, we are not talking about those culturally appropriate jewelry pieces that comes in with a heightened sense of significance attached. Handmade, vintage products with fine craftsmanship will aid you up your accessorizing game like never before. They are all at rage lately, and if chosen and donned right will give you the look of a true fashionista!

Say Yes to Quirky Stuff

Whimsical fashion jewelry & accessories exude creativity and the willingness of wearer to stick out a mile. A fanciful handbag or uniquely printed scarf can take your fashion game to a whole new level. Not only they will add a style dimension, but also give you the confidence of being yourself irrespective of all societal notions. So, you be you and shop for some exclusive quirky offerings available out there.

Go Girly-girl with Pretty Accessories

Haha, got you! This is something you weren’t expecting, right? But hey, there are zillions of graceful yet trendy fashion jewelry & accessories that speak high volumes of femininity. Getting high on sweet-dainty (maybe pink too) stuff once in a blue moon will help you connect with your inner diva and grab for you several compliments. If not ready to believe, go give it a try!

Hope these small but significant tips will make you a true charmer. You can use these accessorizing ideas to transform your essential clothing into exclusive ones. At Sincera, we bring contemporary fashion jewelry and beautiful accessories that fit well within budget. Explore our selection and see if you can find something to buy outright!


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